Distribution of display fireworks

You can find the distribution of our completely display fireworks assortment under http://www.startrade-pyro.de/shop/ .

Display Firework (Categorie 3 and 4)

Notes on the purchase of fireworks of category 3 and 4:

For the purchase of fireworks of category 3 and 4, a license ("Erlaubnis") according to § 7 SprengG with the corresponding entry is to be kept in its original version. If a holder of a qualification certificate ("Befähigungsschein") in accordance with § 20 SprengG with the corresponding entry on behalf of a license holder ("Erlaubnis") according to § 7 SprengG want to purchase the goods he requires the following documents:

  • his certificate of competence ("Befähigungsschein") in accordance with § 20 SprengG in original version
  • permission ("Erlaubnis") according to § 7 SprengG of the client in the original version
  • a written request of the permit holder pursuant to § 7 SprengG with signature and company stamp.

If during transport, the quantity limits of Table of the ADR are exceeded, a valid ADR training certificate ("dangerous driving") is also kept with valid course for Class 1. A valid approved EXII / III vehicle is then for transportation in addition to use ADR.

If only small quantities for the purposes of Table ADR are transported, usually is no ADR training certificate and not an authorized EXII / III vehicle necessary.

Please understand that we are obliged to monitor compliance with these legal requirements.

The intended use of our fireworks products of category 3 and 4 is to use the large fireworks display.


Explosive; fire, blast or projection hazard