Company founder August Bräkling was independent drilling and blasting contractor. But the fiery play of pyrotechnics has always fascinated him sideline.
So he began adjacent to the at least allied activities as a blaster to grapple extensively with the pyrotechnics. First product developments and test patterns were made​​.

In 1975 he founded for the ever-growing area a separate company - ABN pyrotechnics. This, like his other company, based in his hometown Nieheim. The first products and BAM approvals came along with the first small production in the laboratories and workshops of the traditional company Berckholtz, where he was a partner in their last years.

However, to be able to produce on a larger scale, he leased the sole Manager of the manufacturing facilities of the company "pyrotechnics and explosives company Otto Schulze" in Vienenburg in the resin. There, the pyrotechnic ammunition was tinkering with many developments, developed and there were already technical articles and fireworks display added.

When in 1981 the lease for the plant in Vienenburg expired and this was also already become slow too small, they built a new and modern factory in an old quarry near Marienmünster - the company ABA pyrotechnics was born.

In subsequent years, the company is the largest producer of pyrotechnical ammunition was thus. In addition, still have large fireworks, technical pyrotechnics (such as the traditional "Kübler-cracker") and articles manufactured for export. Today, the rich business across Europe and across to America.

In the 90s, his wife and daughter took over the business and built it step by step further. Other markets were opened up and the design revised. Until 2006, the daughter of Ute Bräkling led the company in a proven way.

In mid-2006, the ABA pyrotechnics was taken over by the family Pfleghardt. Markus Pfleghardt, even for several years pyrotechnician, took over the management.

The claim of the company ABA pyrotechnics is to continue both the proven and familiar production program in the future and not at the same time lose innovation and new developments from the eye. Because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the fireworks!